The First Liquid NFT
Collection on Solana

The Selena Collection is backed by the liquidity of #selena bonding curve on xHashtag. Cash out at any time by destroying the NFT, while making the rest of the collection even more scarce.

1 in 9,999

Burnable Liquid NFTs
9999 randomly generated digital collectibles of various rarity living on the Solana blockchain

Empowering Women

FTW: For the Women
30% of the proceeds is donated towards a cause for women, chosen by eminent women from crypto.

Commercial Use

Buy, Sell, Print, Earn.
Once you mint your Selena, you acquire the intellectual property rights too, giving you 100% freedom.

Each Selena will cost 1 SOL to mint

MINT A #Selena
win A #Selena

Meet the #Selena

Presenting our Selena Senate, a group of 99 powerful women with a proven track-record in the crypto space. The Collective decides which charity we are funding.

Tamar 天马 Menteshashvili

Ecosystem-growth Solana

Ling zhang

Vice President of M&A Binance

Sheryl Varghese

Head Of Marketing at CropBytes

Priyanka Sharma

Partnerships, PR & Comms - WazirX

Remya Nair

Tegro Capital


9,999 NFTs will be algorithmically generated
with a distribution pattern as follows:

99 NFTs
- Reserved for The #Selena Collective
100 NFTs - Reserved for Airdrop
500 NFTs with unique traits would be auctioned off to the highest bidders.
9300 NFTs - Available for Public Minting

Project Information


How many Selenas are there in total?

9,999 Selenas (Including reserved and special NFTs)

 What is the cost of minting one Selena?

Each Selena costs 1 SOL to mint.

What platform is Selena NFT based on?

Selena NFTs are based on the hugely popular Solana platform.

 How can I know if the Selena I minted is rare?

You can check the attributes and traits of your Selena based on the Rarity Chart

Why doesn’t my minted Selena show up in my wallet?

Your Selena should show up in your Phantom wallet within 5 minutes of minting. Sometimes the minting bot can experience delays; especially during times of high volume. If your Selena doesn't show up within 30 minutes, please reach out to us on our Discord channel with the Transaction ID for further assistance. 

Can I mint multiple Selenas in one go?

Unfortunately, no. You will need to repeat the process each time you mint a Selena. 

Would you be releasing a marketplace?

Yes, and our Liquid NFTs will be tradable against $XTAG. Further details regarding this would be put up on our social media channels and Medium in due time.

I'm new to NFTs, is it complicated to mint a Selena?

Not at all. As long as you have $SOL in your Phantom (or any other Solana) Wallet, you can easily mint a Selena NFT. You can load SOL onto your wallet using a cryptocurrency service such as Binance or FTX.

How long would the Selenas be available for minting?

The Selenas would be available for minting on First Come First Serve basis, so hurry up or you may miss out.

What do you mean when you say Selena NFTs are liquid?

Every Selena NFT that you purchase can be burnt (destroyed) in exchange for #selena tokens.

How does the cause-funding operate?

30% of the raised funds would be donated to a cause chosen by a collective of 99 women leaders in the crypto space. The collective would vote on which cause is the most relevant one that needs to be funded.

Where does the rest of the funding go?

After donating 30% of the raised funds to the charity chosen by the Senate, the remaining 70% would go towards adding liquidity to the #selena bonding curve, which would ultimately benefit you as a user on the xHashtag platform.

Do I Earn a royalty if someone sells my NFT on the secondary marketplace?

More details on this would be shared later

I'm interested in this project, can I be a bigger part of it?

Please send an email to and let us know how you would like to get involved. 

Still have questions? Email us at