WARNING: There are NO official public sales for xHashtag and the token $XTAG is not released. Beware of scam tokens.


Earn crypto by completing simple marketing, on-chain and creative quests.

Data Driven By

Exclusive Metaverse

Each #hashtag is bundled with exclusive Discord community and a VR room accessible exclusively by the #hashtag token holders.

Lend & Borrow

#hashtag tokens are liquid stake tokens that can be used as collateral while enjoying additional rewards for #community micro-tasks.




Research and Ideation of Play To Earn game for Future of Work.

Website Launch

Designing DAO structure for Web3 projects to accelerate growth.

Whitepaper Release

Smart Contract and UI Developments

$XTAG Pre-sale

$XTAG Public-sale

Launch $XTAG SPL Token on Solana

List on Coinmarketcap & Coingecko



Expand Telegram & Twitter community

Influencer Marketing Partnerships

Token listing on AMM with liquidity

Auditing of DAO contracts.

Beta Testing of the platform

Quests rewards launched on platform / users can earn $XTAG & partner tokens by holding hashtags.

Releasing Gamified Interface for completing community quests.

Extend support to other chains to support our partner projects.



Strike partnerships with crypto projects for xHashtag as a tool to increase on/off-chain engagements.

Allow brands to tokenize their #hashtags pegged 1:1 with reserve token of their choice.

Allow users to lend/borrow by using #hashtag tokens as collateral.

Support NFT projects to help grow community by incentivizing community using fractional NFTs.

Unlock exclusive VR & Discord channels using #hashtags

Expand Telegram & Twitter members to 20000 members

More to be announced...

Meet the team

Monica Durga

Founder & CEO

Over 4 years in crypto, ex-architect of Router Protocol & founding member of Dfyn.network

John Fortner

Head of Technology

Over 10 years of experience in building web applications and engineered software.

Bill Craig

Head of Business

Co-creator of Trendrr, a product that tracks trends, later acquired by Twitter.

Phalgun Shenoy

Crypto Economist

Founder of PolkaMusic, a micro-economics expert building autonomous applications.

Sudeep Shenoy

Marketing & Content

Over 13 years of experience in marketing  and content creation for corporate communications.

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